Saturday, April 17, 2010

Alta Moda says no to FUR!

Many companies are increasingly becoming more fur-free and aware of the cruel and unfair treatment of animals. According to the humane society of the United States, they classify fur-free designers and companies as those rejecting cruelty and potential consumer deception by adopting fur-free policies. Because of this, Alta Moda has teamed up with the organization Fur is Dead to donate 10% of all merchandise purchased from certain designers within our store that are fur-free. Also, Fur is Dead always accepts donations of fur from those who are against animal cruelty. During May 7th-9th, if you donate a fur you recieve 20% off of any merchandise in the store. According to, donations of old fur can save an animals life as well as help those in need.

Your old furs could save an animal's life—and gain you a tax deduction!

Now that winter is over, instead of putting that outdated fur back into storage or shoving it into the back of your closet for another year, why not make the compassionate choice to live a fur-free lifestyle? Your tax-deductible donation of unwanted fur coats and stoles helps with our educational displays and anti-fur "fashion shows" and provides bedding for needy animals.

Your unwanted furs may also help people in need. Because of the vast number of furs that we receive, we donate many of them to homeless people who can't afford to buy their own coats—the only people who have any excuse to wear fur. Every year, PETA holds a few "fur kitchens" at homeless shelters around the country, and we've even shipped hundreds of furs to help warm the women and children freezing in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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