Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Be Chic, Wear Green

Alta Moda loves the Earth! And to show our thanks for everything that this great planet has given to us, Alta Moda now carries designer lines that are eco-friendly and totally fashionable! It's important that everyone starts wearing clothes that are more eco-friendly because every little step that we can take saves our planet. Not only can you feel good, but you can look good doing it! Be Eco-fashionable in brands like:

Nadia Nour

The Essentials

Big city lights, big time style. Inspired by her home town NYC, a city as practical as it is original, designer Nadia Nour develops vibrantly hued, well-tailored dresses and separates meant for layering and long term investment. Eschewing trends for developing a confident, personal sense of style, Nadia Nour promotes expression and innovation in the most sophisticated way possible.


Nadia Nour’s production is centered in the NY garment district, employing seasoned professionals. Organic textiles such as silk and cotton are used, as are vegetable dyes, and vintage fabrics.

Lav and Kush

The Essentials

For those of you who want to polish up on your Hindu mythology, Lav&Kush are the royal twins born to lord Ram and their earth mother Sita. They are raised in the forest, become the protectors of the woods and represent music, beauty, and strength. Those qualities are also found in the clothing line Lav&Kush, which could be just perfect for those of you more interested on polishing up your flirting skills. Lush materials and feminine urban styling are the trademarks of this Canadian collection.


Lav& Kush garments are mostly made from or

ganic cotton and sustainable fabrics such as bamboo and soy. All clothes are manufactured in Canada. A percentage of their sales goes to PETA, Imagine 1 Day and the BC SPCA.

Chlorine of Los Angeles

The Essentials:

Venture off the well-trodden path and carry a bag with signature style. Most designer ‘it bags’ can be a little too trendy and ubiquitous to satisfy. Vintage is an alternative, but vintage is often a little too, well, old. Chlorine of Los Angeles offers the perfect solution—vintage bags restored and refurbished with an eye toward creating modern, sophisticated carry-able art. Beautifully chic evening clutches bedecked in jewels and feathers, classic totes of manageable size and smart detailing, and clever purses with elegant chain straps denote a time when carrying a designer purse meant more than buying a label.


Chlorine reduces waste be refurbishing vintage bags, upcycling the product. Vintage bags are expertly restored and embellished with vintage jewelry and ornaments.

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