Sunday, April 11, 2010

That's MY Domain and Trademark!

When I first had this idea of having my own brand, certain things came to mind. In the future I'm going to want to have an online website representing AltaModa. This will make it easier for my customer to shop our product in the convenience of their own home, as well as globally get the brand of AltaModa to all.

To do this I went to the U.S Patents and Trademarks website and ensured the name of my business AltaModa. The name AltaModa is available to be trademarked. The fee for applying online and through a paper form is different. The fee for applying with a paper form is $ 375, while applying online is only $325. Obviously the smarter choice would be to apply online, which is exactly what I did.

I wanted my website to have a web address that would be easy for the customer to find, as well as something that represented my brand globally and would prevent any confusion, I chose the web address Originally, I wanted my web address to be but unfortunately the name is unavailable and is on back order. This domain name is available and costs $10.69 per year to purchase the domain name as well as $10.69 annually to keep the domain name as well as $2.99 to certify the domain.

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