Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How YOU'RE gonna hear about Alta Moda

One of the most important aspects of having a business, is attracting new customers as well as keeping the ones that you already have. The way a business is advertised is very important in the success of a brand. That is why Alta Moda has multiple ways of advertising through different forms of media.

One of the ways that Alta Moda is going to advertise to its customers is by sending emails regarding and promotions or sales occurring in the Alta Moda store. This will allows for all customers to be aware of any promotional practices that are occurring as well as draw customers into the store. Since email is a massive form of communication and many people have their emails set up that go directly to their phones, this is the perfect way to update customers.

Another way that Alta Moda is going to advertise is through websites such as www.facebook.com. This is an online social community and will allow for anyone to make a profile page for free. This is a cost-effective way to advertise the brand Alta Moda as well as letting customers know about the latest news, any updates regarding new designers that have been brought into the store, as well as becoming "friends" with any of their favorite designers sold in Alta Moda. Not only does this advertise for Alta Moda, but also is a good way for designers carried throughout our store to gain recognition.

The last form of advertisement is the good ol' fashioned way, through a newspaper. The Nashville Scene is one of the most popular magazine choices and reaches 50,000 people in the Nashville area. Unlike the above mentioned advertising efforts, it does cost money to advertise in this magazine. Advertising begins at $235 per issue. Because most of our clientele use email and facebook, this method is only used for main change of seasons, including Fall/Winter/Spring which minimizes the overall cost of advertising through a magazine because it is only a couple of times through the year.


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